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Here you will find answers to frequently asked questions regarding auto trading with Apex Investing Institute


Is there a mobile application?

This site is optimized for mobile phones, so you should be able to access it from your cellphone or handheld device without issue, however there is no android or ios app available at this time.

Why are the quotes delayed by 20 minutes or so?

Due to licensing polices of various exchanges, we cannot display real-time data to you. Real-time data is used internally to calculate the strategy results and to determine when stops or limits are filled, however. You will not require real-time data for this site, but will require a broke to place trades and you may use the data your broker provided you for manual trading on your trading platform.

How fast are signals sent to my broker?

Under normal conditions, orders are sent to the broker within one second of the signal being sent out, for all instruments.


What fees are involved with Auto Trading with Apex?

  1. Strategy Subscriptions - Each strategy has its own monthly subscription price.
  2. Auto Trading Plan - Select the plan that supports how many strategies you will be auto trading.
  3. Depending on your broker, there may be some specific 3rd party fees for auto trading, and you'll need to contact them to find out. At this time, the only known broker to charge additional fees is NinjaTrader Brokerage.

AutoTrader Setup

How does this auto trading thing work?

Our auto trading technology allows signals from Apex trading systems to filter through to your live brokerage account according to your auto trading permissions. Traders can subscribe to any Apex system and use the auto trade setup wizard to enter their permissions for their live brokerage account. Once set, the trader can walk away from his computer and trading will occur as per his auto trading permissions. Brokerage accounts must be associated with a compatible broker and must be broker approved before auto trading can begin.

Can I auto trade multiple strategies trading the same instrument in the same brokerage account?

Yes you can. The system handles this scenario seamlessly and will autotrade each strategy separately, so that each system can be tracked.

Do I need brokerage approval for Auto Trading?

When you set up auto trading for the first time in a live brokerage account, an email is sent to the broker for their approval. This could take from 1 to 3 business days. Brokers must make sure that the appropriate acknowledgement forms and fees are applied to your account. Good news is that this only has to happen once for each account. If you decide to setup auto trading for a second system or stop auto trading and begin again, broker approval is not required a second time.

How do I setup auto trading for a live account?

  1. Login to the site.
  2. Discover Strategies you want to auto trade.
  3. From the strategy detail page, click on the "Subscribe" button.
  4. Subscribe to the strategy, and then click on Investor/Autotrade menu on the left hand margin.
  5. Select Control Panel.
  6. Scroll down to Available for Live Autotrading. Then click "Set up AutoTrade" link. You will be directed to the AutoTrade configuration wizard.
  7. Wizard will walk you through the process of setting up your AutoTrading permissions and initiating your broker approval.

Broker Specific

Can my live account be funded in a different currency?

Yes it can. We trade instruments denominated in many currencies. We do not convert currencies. Your broker will do the conversion.

What futures brokers are compatible?

AMP Clearing AGM Markets: Introducing Broker for Interactive Brokers. Support non-US residents only excluding Australia. Daniels Trading Dorman Trading Gain Capital: Futures Online is the in-house introducing broker for Gain Capital. Account must be opened using the OEC Trader platform. GarWood Securities LLC: Introducing Broker for Interactive Brokers. Excluding Australia Infinity Futures: Introducing Broker for Tradovate. Make sure to activate your PC for C2 and Turn on Autotrade afterwards. Interactive Brokers: Excluding Australia NinjaTrader Brokerage: Compatible clearing brokers are Phillips Capital, Dorman Trading Stage Five Trading Corp: Introducing Broker for Dorman Trading CQG TradePro Futures & Forex: Introducing Broker for Gain Capital Tradovate: See Infinity Futures above

What Forex brokers are compatible?

Interactive Brokers: Forex available only for non-US residents excluding Australia. Oanda: Available for U.S. & Canadian residents. All other countries, please contact Trey Lazzara at trey@tradeprofutures.com TradePro Futures & Forex: Introducing broker for Oanda. AGM Markets: Introducing Broker for Interactive Brokers. Support non-US residents only. FXCM: Available only for non-US residents.
  • FXCM account must be a standard account using the FXCM Trading Station platform.
  • MT4 platform accounts are not supported.
  • Supported account setups are:
    • FXCM UK GBP - no dealing desk, no spread bet, and no hedging
    • FXCM AU AUD - no dealing desk, no spread bet, and no hedging

FYI for FXCM accounts: $200k position limit on GBP/NZD

Why am I getting logged out of my account on my trading platform? (Using Dorman broker)

Once AutoTrading is setup for your Dorman CTS account, request a second login (not new) from Dorman for that account. To access your Dorman account at your leisure, login using your second login not the one you provided in the setup wizard.
Why: If you log into your Dorman account on your computer using the login you provided to us, we get logged out. We try to log back in, you get logged out and so on. For security reasons, Dorman will LOCK your account because multiple logins in set amount of time were attempted. A locked account means no AutoTrading.


How do I cancel my account/membership?

Click on your name in the upper right corner of the page, then click on Subscriptions & Plans. The autotrade plan will be listed in the top section and you can click on "change this" to turn off the automatic renewing.

Your subscriptions will be listed below that, and you can just click on the "unsubscribe" button on each one you'd like to unsubscribe from.